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Our air went out about 2 months ago and the temperature stayed around 85 degrees so the home wasn't that hot. We turned all ceilings on to keep the home cool enough for us to sleep at night until the air condition tech came to repair the next day. If we did not have the solar screens, the temperature would have been much higher. I know this for a fact because this same time last year, our air went out and the temperature was at least 93 and hot in the home. Since the sun directly shines on the front of our home, the solar screens have truly made a significant difference in cooling the home. In addition, our blinds were discolored from the direct sunlight over a period of time so If we had known we would have purchased the screens sooner. Thanks again!
- Stanley & Karen P.

I knew it was a great investment that first afternoon. I came home and noticed a huge difference in the temperature on the west side of the house. That side is always warmer than the rest of the house in the evening. Not any more. The West side was just as cool as the rest of the house. I can't wait to see the difference it makes in my electric bill. God Bless you,
-Brenda T.

Thanks so much for our new Sun Shield Solar Screens! They look great and my husband and I are looking forward to having lower heating and cooling bills!
-Dana F.

You guys are awesome. Your professional and personal attention to our needs made us feel like you guys were not just out to make money. Your goal was to provide us with a service that would make life more comfortable and affordable. I must admit I wasn't sure about the solar screens at first. The situation with the house facing west made me change my mind. You can really tell the difference when you stand in front of a window with a screen and one without the screens. You sure made a believer out of me. Mark was awesome and such a polite and professional guy. Wow! You better hold on to him. Good help is so hard to find. Our dream now is to put screens on all of the windows. I wonder why people don't put them on when they build a home. You could begin saving money right from the beginning. Long range goals for us are to have that solar system. When a person finds someone who is so dedicated to their job and the service that they give it speaks volume. You will be hearing from us again. Thank you all for your service.
-Ted & Teresa M.